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''Dionysus going to India created cities, placed laws, taught how to make the wine and how to cultivate the ground''.

(Arrian ''Arrianos Indiki, 7)

The son of Zeus and Semeli fostered inside cavern whose dome was covered under sectors of virgin vine. The son was Dionysus. When Dionysus grow up, he drank the heavenly nectar of fruit of vine and with joy and happiness he ran on ravines, coppice and forests, accompanied from Nymphs, Satires and silines.
In Attica king Ikarus offered him hospitality and was rewarded from Dionysus with the vine and the method of wine-industry.
Dionysus also travelled in other countries teaching the cultivation of vine.
To Dionysus and to the vine were dedicated official and beloved festivities in Attica and all other Greece.
At these festivities was created the superlative literary type, the ''drama'' (tragedy, comedy).

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