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...distillation was known even in primitive man. was a method of separating water and alcohol, an alcoholic liquor, to obtain a product with a higher alcohol content. During this process the man did not use the alembic or at least not used it in the sense that we know today. Apply procedures but original for its time very effective. These are the so-called primitive distillation (Salle et Salle, 1982)) which today is better known as concentration or separation methods and amount in the following three cases...FOLLOW
From the book  ‘’ tsipouro and tsikoudia’’
by Evaggelos Soufleros  &  Vasilios Rodovitis

On the 10th of September, until the 15th of October yearly, there’s the grape harvest.
The grapes are carried from the vineyard in plastic vans or metallic baskets inside special tanks (cistern), usually made of concrete, and of a capacity of 4 to 20 tons. They are put inside the tanks, where they’re being brewed (production of fungus that converts sugar to alcohol). So, the time comes for the production of traditional tsipouro, a very special occasion for our land, and a procedure that constitutes a ritual for us...FOLLOW

As at the traditional distillation, so and at the synchronous we follow the same basic rules. First concern is the receipt of better raw material. The grapes must be chosen, gathered in their time. Neither unripe neither over-ripe.
They must be from chosen localities with healthy and tough earth.
Our agronomists watch the vineyards all the year. We have installed and we apply system of completed management...FOLLOW

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