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As at the traditional distillation, so and at the synchronous we follow the same basic rules. First concern is the receipt of better raw material. The grapes must be chosen, gathered in their time. Neither unripe neither over-ripe.
They must be from chosen localities with healthy and tough earth.
Our agronomists watch the vineyards all the year. We have installed and we apply system of completed management.
So we achieve most excellent raw material. the purest tsipouro.
The transport to the wine factory and to the distillers becomes with attention to avoid wounds of grapes and undesirable oxidations.
The distiller as we see at the photograph is constituted by the boiler, the column (fractional distillation) and the concentrator (cooler, coil).
In the boiler we place the product to distillation. We heat with steam the double walls of boiler in constant temperature. In his interior there is stirrer.

In the interior of column there are seven plates in vertical provision that communicate each other. The plates have valves that open and close with the pressure of steams.
The steams strain and filter seven times. From the top of column, the steams led to the cooler to liquefaction. We'll receive the product when it will separated in head, heart and tail. In special reservoirs heart will be kept for four until six months and then it will be bottled to reache in your glass friendliest, purest, with the natural perfumes.

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