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All things in moderation

''only three glasses I stand to the virtuous
one for health which everybody drinks first,
second for love and hedonism,
third for sleep which the guests drink and return home more wisdom''.
(Eybulus 375 b.c.)

Tsipouro is drinking with metre, with the escort of dishes and our selfesteem.
It will help us in sorrows, in charms, to our loves, in our expressions.
Tsipouro will rest us at the end of one tedious day, It will bring us near at fellowmen, It will maintain us healthy stimulating the circulation of blood, increasing the H.D.L and decreasing the L.D.L.

''the fourth glass is not for us it is invective's,
the fifth noise's,
the sixth of ridiculousness,
the seventh of injuring,
the eighth summons the law,
the ninth of spleen,
the tenth of madness''

(Eybulus 375 b.c)

Tsipouro does not respect, who does not respect it.
All the beneficial properties of Tsipouro are in effect when we led to the abuse.
Therefore ATTENTION. ''All things in moderation''

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