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tsipouro : Greek traditional  Grape marc spirit  

From the Greek ground, from the light of Mediterranean sun fire, from the limpid and crystal waters of Aigaias, from the air of Dionysus knowledge and from the ether of cosmic substance, we gather from vine in September a product that we call (stafyli), (votrys), (rax), (omfax), (tryx), grape.
With the method of ethereal distillation (apostaxi), we serve our love in the glass of knowledge, of happiness, of transitory Lethe, for our amusement, for our passions and our being.
From the gods and demigods to our fathers and from the fathers to the sons.
From the nectar, ambrosia and trimma, to tsipouro. That is our traditional.

To your health  

What is Grape marc spirit or grape marc
(a) Grape marc spirit or grape marc is a spirit drink which meets the following conditions:
(i) it is produced exclusively from grape marc fermented and distilled either directly by water vapour or after water has been added;
(ii) a quantity of lees may be added to the grape marc that does not exceed 25 kg of lees per 100 kg of grape marc used;...FOLLOW

TSIPOURO: A really Greek product
Definition: Tsipouro  is named the alcoholic drink that is produced from the distillation of marcs of uvula  and contains at least 140 gr. volatile substances and until 1000 gr. of methanol /HL alcohol ....
When the production of this started in Greece, is not known. There are many reports for production of tsipouro in the Mount Athos from 1590, as it seems from different Turkish firmans of that time..FOLLOW

...It must have been in 1996 or 1997. One day at  George‚Äôs home, I got the bouzouki and told him;
- do you want to play a song I wrote?
he looked at me...  he asked me, if I would  play rock bouzouki !!!
Until then I had no contact with this musical instrument. I played the song  (koita makria) "Look away" ...
He stunt up , brought  two glasses of tsipouro and said:

- Welcome...

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