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Primitive distillation

...distillation was known even in primitive man. was a method of separating water and alcohol, an alcoholic liquor, to obtain a product with a higher alcohol content. During this process the man did not use the alembic or at least not used it in the sense that we know today. Apply procedures but original for its time very effective. These are the so-called primitive distillation (Salle et Salle, 1982)) which today is better known as concentration or separation methods and amount in the following three cases. The first method is known as the hot stones. According to this superheated stones immersed in fermented products caused by the progressive rise in temperature, the vapor release. The first vapor collected in sponges, wool fabrics then spun and gave the alcoholic liquid ...
, ... The second method is known as distillation cold is always timely. for this purpose the alcoholic liquid is cooled to -10 degrees resulting in the crystallization of the water contained in it. ice crystals formed are removed progressively, thus concentrating the alcohol.
The third method is a way of removing the water by filtration of the alcoholic product. Made by placing the liquid product into a hanging bladder animal origin, dried. The walls of the bladder are behaving as a selective filter membrane that allows the removal of water molecules, and retains higher molecular weight which include ethyl alcohol....
From the book  ‘’ tsipouro and tsikoudia’’
by Evaggelos Soufleros  &  Vasilios Rodovitis

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