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                                     Tsipouro Verino
Verino Distillery was founded in Argos in 1978 by Babis Spiliopoulos and is currently run by him and his son, Thanos Spiliopoulos. It produces high-quality tsipouro, varietal tsipouro, barrel-aged tsipouro, as well as an interesting range of liqueurs. The exceptional tsipouro quality is primarily due to the fine raw materials  as well as to the art of traditional distillation, using two 1,300 litre copper pot stills.


Tsililis tsipouro   

Produced from grapes of aromatic varieties grown in Thessaly.

Crystal-bright in appearance, with intense fruity aromas of citrus fruits like bergamot and lemon, white peach, floral notes of rose and herbal hints of mint. On the palate, it is smooth and aromatic with soft alcohol a long minty finish.

It can be drunk on its own as well as it pairs well with appetizers and finger food but it is also a base spirit for inspired cocktails.

Aged Tsipouro Tsilili
The aged tsipouro of the Tsilili Distillery is made from freshly fermented pomace of high quality grapes from Thessaly.

Distilled in small discontinuous copper stills through a slow, patient process to keep fresh and sweet aromas.
The ageing process takes place in carefully selected French and American oak barriques, seasoned with red and sweet vinsanto wine, for at least 5 years.

The result is a distillate with a variety of mellowed varietal aromas, such as raisins, prunes and bergamot peels, spicy aromas like vanilla, chocolate and nutmeg combined with a robust but supple body, a smooth finish and a fine aromatic aftertaste.

To enjoy its powerful, complex character drink it on its own or by adding some ice.

Tsipouro Apostolakis

Tsipouro without anise eactly as the original traditional recipe. Strong and smooth the tsipouro without anise of Apostolakis family is enjoyed any time of the day, served cold with ice and water in shot glasses with some special traditional Greek "mezes" and special fresh fish and seafood dishes.


is a premium spirit, distilled exclusively from pomace of selected
Thessalian grape varieties.
Authentic multiple distillation, slow maturity in oak barrels and the final perfected blending,
result in a unique spirit smooth and very soft to the taste.
Enjoy the taste of MANIFESTO GRECO
- with the twist/slice of orange or mandarin
- on the rocks
- as basis for cocktails and long drinks

Tsipouro Babatzim

is the
authentic spirit without anise, with rich aroma and silky taste you is a drink that accompanies perfectly all our seafood appetizers or not alone, drunk and alone as an aperitif.


Tsipouro Idoniko

With the innovative technology of the ultra-modern distillery we create this distinguished genuine liquor called Idoniko. The multiple distillation carried out in copper stills removes the unpleasant substances resulting from the boiling, protecting at the same time the delicate aroma of the distil. The fruity character of the carefully selected grape varieties, over a background of orange-tree blossoms, possibly makes the Idoniko tsipouro the most genuine grappa. Try it chilled to experience a true Greek spirit.

is derived from carefully fermented grapes of the white grape variety Roditis.
Distillation techniques: The ‘heart’, i.e. the middle part, of the distillate, which holds the tastiest components, is selected and double-distilled. Naturally filtered water and fennel (Makedonian anise) are added.
Tasting notes: The olfactory harmony of the fennel, of the grapes’ varietal aromas and the aromas born during the slow brewing, contribute to the soft taste of MAKEDONIKO TSIPOURO.
Serving Suggestions: It can be drunk neat, with ice or icy water, in which case it gives a lovely, rich emulsion. It accompanies simple, as well as intense flavours, with a particular affinity for salty and vinegary starters, such as seafood, pickles and salted fish.


Tsipouro Mavrakis

Tsipouro (also known as tsikoudia) has been famous for centuries in Greece.  The production process begins with the careful selection of the wine grapes, their vinification and the immediate distillation of the remaining grape marc.
Each wine producing region in Greece produces its own tsipouro, which has particular organoleptic characteristics (a dynamic intense aroma, a full taste with a marked presence of the grape, and a long aromatic aftertaste), owing to the region’s grape varieties and to the local tradition of production.
According to owner/connoiseur Haris Mavrakis, “The multiple distillations of the marc and the selection of only the 'heart' of the distillate, constitute some of the quality secrets of an excellent tsipouro.” Serve tsipouro chilled at the end of a meal as a digestive in a frosted shot glass.

Tsipouro Zoinos

CATEGORY: double distilled Raki
Varieties: 100% Debina
VINEYARDS: Debina Zitsa (height 700m.)
Distillation / Maturation: The stafylomaza after the fermentation process is placed in traditional
copper stills and followed by slow double distillation in mild temperature. In the process of the second distillation, is separated into three fractions head-tail and the heart, where only the heart isolated. Thereby producing the "Soul Debina» ​​..
Alcohol content: 40.00%
Sensory characteristics: Rich aromatic character citrus, apple, pear and quince. Filled balanced mouth.


Tsipouro Pilavas

Pilavas family with years of experience, selects the best grapes and follows the traditional recipes of Epirus. From sorting to distillation and bottling, tradition blends with technology to give you this wonderful snaps.

Tsipouro 50

In the heart of the vineyard Amyntaio, in northern Greece, matured for centuries the noble variety of Xinomavro, favored by the unique microclimate of the four lakes area.
Here creates Spyros Soniadis after careful double distillation in copper stills in a unique purity apostagma.Tsipouro encompassing all the knowledge and tradition of the region in distillation.
Two different spirits leave the alembic to meet the requirements of every lover of the genre, Tsipouro 50 without anise and aniseed.


Tsipouro Tokali

Our organic vineyard is highly appreciated by consumers, who, prompted us to attempt the transformation of the organicaly grown grapes in wine and tsipouro. We offer our customers a unique product that is safe and qualitatively "distinct" from the usual conventional products on the market.

Based on these principles we started our business and with these same principles we keep serving you the best quality  tsipouro today.

Tsipouro Kardasis

TSIPOURO and OUZO from Tirnavos: two products which have connected their name with the area and have been famous for at least a century. The KARDASIS TSIPOURO and OUZO carry on with knowledge and experience of three generations.
The family occupies with the cultivation of vine yard and the production of TSIPOURO and OUZO.
On the Kardasis own vine yards the variety muscatel is cultivated with its rich characteristics and distinguished aroma.



Tsikoudia cheers our heart.  The original tsipouro, strong and sharp, is based on the good quality of the raw material, but also on the art and experience of the distiller who knows how to operate the “toolheads” and the “tails”, how many  degrees he will choose for his product and how he will enjoy it later! “If I don’t produce my tsikoudia, I won’t … have a good year” say old Cretans.

Tsipouro Vasilias

Tsipouro Vasilias, a truly Greek product origin Delphi, a recipe given to the "fourth generation", with passion and loyalty to tradition.


Tsipouro Glinavos

Tsipouro is produced in many areas all over Greece, as well as in the region of Epirus. The production of a good quality Tsipouro, which is refined and free from adverse substances, requires appropriate means-namely stills strict standards-and appropriate raw material, the ideal grape variety.

Tsipouro Gatsios

Alcohol by volume: 40%
A product of multiple distillations without anise, single-variety, from pomace of Muscat Hamburg. Clear, with full flavour but also with discreet taste, synonymous to the best tsipouro from Epirus. A savory drink, neat or with ice.


Soon more Grape marc spirits...  

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