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The Greek Wine Federation was created in 1995, when the historic Federation of Greek Wine and Spirits Industries was divided into two distinct sections, one for the wine industry and one for the spirits industry. It operates, since, as a non - profit organization.
As an institution dealing solely with wine, it represents the interests of the wine industry in Greece and abroad.Greek Wine Federation, among others, aims at:
Developing the production and distribution of Greek wines and vinicultural products through research and technological innovation, in order to achieve a high quality production
Safeguarding and promoting the interests of the wine industry, while dealing with the Greek State, the European Union and the International Institutions
Promoting the products of the wine industry in the internal and the external market with the establishment of a coherent national policy on wine
Cooperating with the European and International Institutions on wine production or relevant sectors, in order to promote the interests of the Greek wine production.
The companies - members of the Greek Wine Federation produce 75% of the total volume of wine produced in Greece and export 95% of bottled Greek wine.
The members of the Board of the Greek Wine Federation are:
President: A. Rouvalis
Vice presidents: I. Voyiatzis
S. Ioannou

Secretary General: D. Chatzimichalis

Trustee: I.Tselepos

Members: C. Anagnostou
S. Boutaris
P. Sigalas
G. Tsantalis

The recently elected Board, with many new members, represents the modern aspect of Greek wine. According to the new chart of June 2008, all viticultural areas of Greece are represented in the Board.

Its main priorities are the implementation of the new Common Agricultural Policy (c.A.P.) in Greece, the development of a Strategic Plan on Greek Wine bearing in mind the competitive circumstances in the global markets, the development of a promotion and marketing plan, the updating of the internal market, the renewal of legislation and institutions on wine.

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