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Homeland of vine is the place around the Mediterranean.
Everywhere in Greece we meet the wild vine as climbing plant, it grows up to the tops of high trees and also to roofs of houses. The cultivation of vine is related with ancient Greek fables.

After Zeus molded the persons, he called all the gods to judge his creation.
All the gods judged the creation perfect.
Only Momus said raising his voice, '' that you find perfect, i see that it has big fault'' and they asked him ''which''?
Then he answered: '' Zeus did not make cases on peoples breast and head, so they can see each other their thoughts and passions.
The gods worried about the criticism of Momus.
Zeus advised Dionysus to teach persons to cultivate vines, saying, that the fruit of this tree will substitute the ellipsis of cases.
The wine-drinking reveals the most concealed disposals as the known ''proverb'' says: ''with wine, truth comes''

''the concealed versed wine''

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